Good conferences generate great ideas and it makes sense to get to work while those ideas are still fresh and exciting. With this in mind, we’ve arranged for PyConZA to be followed by a weekend of sprints (mini-hackathons) at Praekelt's offices in Woodstock.

We expect a lot of ideas and projects to be generated at PyConZA itself but anyone wanting to work on Python related projects is welcome to attend -- even those who couldn’t make the conference itself.

If you don’t feel you don’t know what to work on, come along to the sprints anyway. There will be plenty of small groups looking for extra helpers or outsiders to chat to and bounce ideas off.

  • Dates: 5 & 6 October 2013
  • Time: 9am until midnight (or later)
  • Venue: Praekelt Offices

If you'd like to announce a sprint up front, email team@za.pycon.org and we'll list it here.

One lucky sprint attendee who is new to Python will win a copy of Think Python by Allen B. Downey courtesy of O'Reilly.

Events planned for the sprints

Sprints: Day 1

  • serving news over USSD (miltontony)
  • parsing Golden Arrow bus timetables (confluence, yaseen, serpentine)
  • making bus timetables available over USSD (gitumarkk)
  • poking around supervisord (froztbyte)
  • CTPUG planning meeting (many)
  • getting CFFI tests working on OS X 10.7+ (jerith, fijal, arigo)
  • splitting up CFFI's .verify into separate build and load steps (jerith, fijal, arigo)
  • updated scikit-image Debian package to pybuild (stefanv, tumbleweed)
  • poking the PyPy Debian package (tumbleweed)
  • fixing bugs in vumi-jssandbox-toolkit (hodgestar)
  • teaching his kids Python using clipbit (davidfraser)
  • improving TwistedResultsProxy in alchimia (boyombo)
  • Umonya web site hacking (rizmari, sett)

Sprints: Day 2

  • fixed failing Vumi Go wikipedia application test (hodgestar)
  • BubBros level server now up and running on ctpug.org.za (arigato, hodgestar)
  • played BubBros (arigato, hodgestar, confluence, jerith, fijal, larry, stefan)
  • updated SQLObject Debian package (drnlm, tumbleweed)
  • minor updates and fixes to wafer (drnlm, tumbleweed)
  • packaged nvpy for Debian (stefan, tumbleweed)
  • distutils and setuptools integration for the cffi FFIBuilder API (tumbleweed)
  • fixed dh-python bug uncovered during SQLObject packaging (tumbleweed)
  • added zipped support for Mutable Mamba levels (hodgestar)
  • started working on a USSD application for finding jobs (petrus)
  • finished parsing Golden Arrow bus timetable PDFs, next step is an API (confluence)

PyConZA brought to you by Praekelt Foundation