Enterprise Python

Speaker: Travis Pawley

A quote from a fellow Python coder... "Coding in Python is like writing poetry"

My talk will be about how to bring python into the corporate / enterprise world. With over 10 years of Python and Django experience, I wish to share my tribulations and exaltations in how I managed to incorporate Python and Django into the companies I've worked for, deploying systems all over the world.

Some of the high level topics:

  • How to get buy in from your executive management team
  • Lack of Python developers, J2EE, PHP and other resource pools
  • Integrating with existing legacy databases
  • System integration, and interfaces best practice
  • SQL vs No SQL
  • Horizontal scaling and cloud computing

Some of the technologies I'll be discussing:

  • buildout and virtualenv: Dependency Management
  • django: Web Development Framework
  • south: Database schema management and migration
  • nose: Testing
  • fabric: Deployment
  • sphinx: Documentation (ReadySET)
  • celery: Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • rest-framework / piston: Web API
  • twitter-bootstrap: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Development Framework
  • responsive-themes: Supporting mobile devices

This talk is about using best practices, awesome libraries and the strength of existing systems and developers to rapidly deploy stable production systems into your company.

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