Application To Platform: how we used Python to scale Yola

Speaker: Michael Joseph

This is the story of how Yola engineers transformed a website building application into a robust, distributed platform (for hosting and building websites).


  • decomposing and augmenting our services layer into multiple Python-driven API services
  • in a series of small low-risk changes (which i’ll discuss in more detail)

we organically built out the service layer.

This talk mostly concerns itself with the python API services layer, since i’m the Services Team Lead. There are a number of other interesting talks that I have yet to convince some Yola colleagues to prepare:

  • yodeploy and yoconfigurator
  • yola’s hosting platform
  • release automation and continuous deployment

I shall attempt to:

  • extract and present some patterns that worked for us
  • discuss the organisational flexibility and engineering workflow that enabled us to refactor the system architecture, and
  • share the medium term roadmap for our system.
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